Superior C & M was founded in 1985 for the purpose of managing condominium and homeowner associations. Our goal is not to be the largest condominium management company in the Chicagoland area, but to be the best. We set out to provide the level of service, competence and attention to details our clients expect.

Goals and Objectives

We propose to develop and maintain a “Team” comprised of the Board of Directors, standing committees, and the Management Company to develop and execute a management plan that meets the goals and objectives of the Association. The Association is the governing entity operating within the parameters of the CC&R’s, Bylaw’s, and House Rules.

A "Team" concept provides:
  • Long term stability - maintaining a good long term relationship.
  • Focused business - focused on solving important business problems in a timely manor.
  • Value driven - high levels of service, trust, and support.
  • Interdependency - we take on the characteristics of the team, rather than two separate, distinct organizations. Supporting each other in the accomplishment of goals.
Company Objectives
  • We will carry out the requirements as set forth in the Condominium CC&R’s, bylaws, and house rules.
  • We will listen, advise, and perform our duties.
  • We assist in the long term financial stability through financial planning.
  • We will provide timely, accurate financial information.
  • We will be pro-active.
  • We will educate ourselves and the Board on the Association’s documents (Declaration and Bylaws), house rules, and state laws.
  • We will keep current on industry trends.
What Makes Us Different
  • Limiting the number of properties in a manager’s portfolio;
  • Provide administrative support, training, and education for the property manager.
We recognize a successful Association accomplishes the following:
  • Adopts a financial plan by having an adequate operating budget and reserve study and/or plan-this is the Board’s primary duty;
  • Adopts reasonable house rules;
  • Maintains a maintenance plan;
  • Adopts and implements policies and procedures;
  • Effectively communicates with the owners.
  • Hires a strong management company to help achieve items 1-5.

Superior C & M believes that time, training, execution, and follow-up is the key to successful operation of Condominium and Homeowner Associations.

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